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Wba-ebic Anastasia Shikareva professional career- trayectoria profesional
NINA-VÉLEZ-TROYA-WBA-EBIC profesional career- trayectoria profesional

Anastasia Shikareva

Co-Founder at WBA Exclusive Business Investment Club.
President of Worldwide Women’s Business Alliance, Luxembourg. Expert Business Advisor. CESTE, International Business School (University Center). President of the Association of Russian-speaking businesswomen «AMER», Spain. President of Business Women’s Club. Amer Life TV. Organizer of the First Russian-Spanish Congress of Women Entrepreneurs. Executive and Project Director of the Tourism and Luxury Magazine «Madrid Life». Law Degree from the National University of Distance Education (UNED). Languages: Russian and Spanish.

Nina Vélez-Troya Anquela

Co-Founder and Head at WBA Exclusive Business Investment Club.

President and Founder of NVT Worldwide Enterprises Ltd, dedicated to luxury services. Owner and founder of Red Ivory Luxury Blog, dedicated to interesting people, art, events and brands. Owner and founder of Detective Stories. Degree in Information Sciences (Journalism) from the Autonomous University of Bellaterra -Barcelona. Journalist, TV presenter and director, expert in communication, PR, team management, business building skills and quick decision making. International Luxury Branding Consultant. Luxury Concierge Services. Spanish Ambassador for Heritage Champagne Heritage Prince Henri d’Orléans- Altesse Royal -Royal House of France. Promotion of events, brands, art and luxury destinations. Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian / German (basic).